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248 East 35th Street
New York, NY, 10016
United States


Murray Hill Studios is a full-service television production facility located in the Murray Hill neighborhood of New York City.

Early Education Professional Development

Find out about Early Education Professional Development at Murray Hill Studios!

Early Education Professional Development at Murray Hill Studios


Murray Hill Studios and its partners specialize in creating professional development video tools for teachers, administrators and coaches in pre-k and elementary education. Murray Hill Studios' own Shaun Johnsen works with Judy JablonAmy Dombro and many others to produce rich, educational video tools. We have produced numerous educational projects including fundraising and training videos for NAEYC, Pearson Education, Teaching Strategies, Illinois State Board of Education, The Gateway School of NY, Carnegie Hall, Easter Seals, The Heritage Museum in Massachusetts, Arkansas State Education, Valley of the Sun United Way in Arizona, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and Kamehameha Schools in Hawaii, just to name a few! Amy, Judy and Shaun have also written a book for coaches and administrators called Coaching with Powerful Interactions. See below for more details on this valuable resource.

Here are a few clips from our recent Educational/PD projects:

 MHS co-owner, Shaun Johnsen is a television professional with over 20 years of experience in the field of educational production. Shaun is also a co-author on the recently published enhanced e-book, Coaching with Powerful Interactions. (see below)

This interactive, enhanced e-book is a guide for coaches and other professionals who support the work of teachers. Powerful Interactions Coaching begins with YOU – how you are and how you approach this work. Your stance, or how you are, shapes how you think and act as a coach. A Powerful Interactions coach:

  • Observes for and highlights teachers’ competence
  • Uses observations and articulation to promote intentionality
  • Values individualizing to develop trusting relationships
  • Promotes a mutual learning partnership
  • Supports teachers by modeling what to say and do and how

Grounded in your stance, you launch a Powerful Interaction when you decide to say or do something that conveys to someone, “I notice you, I’m interested in you, and I want to know you better.” This moment of personal connection builds upon the trust and security that exists between the two of you. Within a trusting and secure relationship, a person is more open to learn from the guidance and instruction you offer.

This guide describes an attitude and way of being that can stand alone or complement any coaching model you are using. 

This book is currently available as an Apple iBook and a print version. Stay tuned for a google version of this book!